Covering Beirut's "You Stink" Protests

Before returning to the US, I experienced the outset and early weeks of Lebanon's طلعت ريحتكم (You Stink) movement. Beirut's garbage crisis sparked protests that grew into a larger movement challenging the government's systemic corruption and abuse of power. 

The first night that protests turned violent, I was arriving from a trip outside of the city. The normal route to my house was blocked by police, and I could heard the crack of rifles in the distance. I took a detour home, and rushed to downtown Beirut after a few quick words to my wife while grabbing my camera and a kiffiyeh. 

I began filming the continued protests and documented the story as it unfolded over the following days. That week, Vice News published footage from the first weekend of protests and commissioned myself and good friend, Dina Amer, to produce a dispatch covering the following weekend's planned protests. Below are the two pieces shot and produced from Beirut. 

Hello Neighbor

In August, I spent a week as the DP for the Rwanda-side of filming for Living Water International's "10 Days" campaign. My friend Henry called me a few months earlier about a video concept called "Hello Neighbor." The idea was that charitable giving to provide a need for a community halfway around the world should come from the same place as giving our neighbor a hand in a tough time. In an effort to encourage giving, but honor and dignify the people in communities in need of clean water, this video was the result. 

E-Flör: The Humanitarian Pallet

Earlier this Fall, I finished a short film for Emergency Core telling the story of their E-Flör product. The non-profit and product come out of a design partnership between Scott Key and Sam Brisendine in Houston, TX. Their desire to use design skills for good led them to create the E-Flör, in an effort to provide a sustainable flooring solution for refugees in post-disaster and crisis situations.